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iSQI Certifications

iSTQB Certified Tester -
Advanced Level

iSTQB Certified Tester -
Advanced Level

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Total Exams: 3

iSTQB Certified Tester -
Foundation Level

iSTQB Certified Tester -
Foundation Level

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

Total Exams: 2

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Real iSQI Success with RealExam

I Am Excited iSQI   

I indeed did pass with a 90 and there's no way that I could have done that without Real Exams prep course. I have been in the group industry for a while but there was no way that a working knowledge of the industry would have been enough to pass that iSQI test ... my passing is a direct result of your program! Thanks again for providing a flexible, on-line program! Took my test iSQI and passed!!!! I am so excited. I really don't know how to thank you for Real Exams online class that allowed me to study at my own pace. Patrick

Goal Of Passing iSQI   

I am a new mother working full-time. I am in the process of moving forward in my career. I recently passed the Real Exams course, five days later I took my iSQI exam. I passed the exam on my first attempt.I can confidently recommend Real Exams as a legitimate preparation course and a great avenue for the working adult already juggling a busy schedule.Thank you for the help you have provided me toward achieving my goals of passing exam iSQI . You are simply great resource. Lana S.

Passed First Try iSQI  

Give a big thanks to your staff for the prompt service in resolving the computer issues I had as well. For anyone wanting a good home study course that prepares you to pass on the first time, I would recommend Real Exams. I could not have passed my iSQI exam if had not been for your course! I could do the coursework at my own pace; I felt I was well prepared for the test, even more so than when I had done my exam iSQI in a classroom. If I have any other exams to study for...I will be back again! Alisia

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