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Thank you so much for this site. You are so kind and generous in sharing your knowledge to us for a better understanding in accounting, especially for a student like me. I passed my E20-002 exam thanks to your material, great info made easy to understand. Far superior in terms of ease of understanding than other text books and lectures, which make me either go to sleep or get bore. Thanks! Danielle

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I was having some problems. I used to practice for the lsat exam prep, and with time running out I still wasn't sure what to do. But then a friend of mine came up with the suggestion, that I should start using Real-Exams' lsat prep reviews practice exam guides, as he too had used them, and it had been a major help. I signed up for the package, and also bought the ace lsat prep practice exams guide, and by using them I was able to reach my goal. Lorraine

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